Eshans picture of notes

Welcome to KOA Drumming!

Thanks for coming on over here and checking out what I am up to! As you may have seen, this is my first post ever on this site and as always with something like this it is hard to find a place to start, so I have decided to make this post about letting you know what exactly it is I am trying to achieve here at

First off, if you are interested in finding out more about me as a person, you can find all that stuff in the ABOUT section, so I won’t go into that much detail here.

KOA Drumming has been a part of my life as a drummer since around 1993. It wasn’t always called KOA Drumming (I used to call it Fundamentals) but the general ideas and philosophy started to take shape way back then… I basically have been keeping practice journals and notes flying around my apartment since then and over time have amassed an unbelievable amount of exercises and insights.

Just before I went on tour with Cirque Du Soleil back in 2009, I decided it might be a good idea to photocopy all of my notes so I didn’t have to risk loosing the originals on the road. Here is a picture of them all bound together in book format.Eshans picture of notes

As you can see there is A LOT of material there… and in the years since then a whole load more notes have been added as you can imagine!

My goal in the Nineties was to eventually get a publishing deal and have my own book in shops one day… of course this was well before the World Wide Web as we know it, was part of everyday life… I think mobile phones were just surfacing around that time HAHA!

Here is another picture of me working away whilst on the road with Cirque Du Soleils “Kooza” in Denver, Colorado in 2009:
Eshan brainstorming in Denver, Colorado

Now with all of this technology available to people like ourselves, I have decided to dream bigger and start putting together material for release via the internet, an obvious choice no doubt.

And in order to do so, I am going to need a “hub” where people can find the content that I put out. This will be in various formats: Blog posts, audio files, video files and eventually somewhere down the road, actual full blown courses for the hardcore fans!

This has been a HUGE dream of mine for decades now, and the time has come for this dream to become a reality.

I am ready to pass on the flame to anyone who wishes to learn from the experiences and insights I have gathered over the years. And I would like to welcome you along for the ride!

To start with, I have a nice free tutorial on “The Three Skills All Serious Drummers Must Master“, where you can learn in 7 minutes what took me over a decade to understand!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to us going on this adventure together!

I will be in touch soon,

eshan khadaroo