The Mind/Body Continuum

There are two essential aspects of drumming that need to be developed in order to become a great drummer: 1.    The mental aspect – the MIND 2.    The physical aspect – the BODY First, let’s take a look at the mental aspect of drumming – the mind: When we express ourselves authentically, we are tapping…

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Authentic Expression as Primary Intention

  As drummers we are a subset of something much larger. What’s the next step up the ladder, well being a musician – musicians too, are of course part of something bigger – the larger class of performers. But ultimately we are all just human beings. One of the core needs we all have as…

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2016: Year of The Phoenix

For those of you that have known me for a while, you know that this time of year is very special to me… it is a time of rebirth, as this time 4 years ago I was getting ready to be physically reborn again, thanks to my mother donating her precious kidney to me in…

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Why Bruce Lee was the Ultimate Performer

When I was a kid, I grew up in an environment of both oppression and aggression, known to us as “The Troubles“… it was Northern Ireland in the late 1970’s and even though things were getting better, they were still pretty bad… There were British troops patrolling the streets we lived in, bombs were exploding…

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Welcome to KOA Drumming!

Thanks for coming on over here and checking out what I am up to! As you may have seen, this is my first post ever on this site and as always with something like this it is hard to find a place to start, so I have decided to make this post about letting you…

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